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February 28, 2010


Absolutely wonderful! I just pulled them out of the oven, and they are phenomenal!

I had a surprising amount of company and made these muffins. They went down very well. Thank you heaps for sharing!

This looks great!!!!

Hi, I made these muffins twice in the last week. Delicious! The first time I chopped some candied ginger and added it to the mix in the end when adding the pecans.

The second time I had some shredded sweet potato on hand and used that instead of carrot. On this batch for the cream cheese filling I used brown sugar instead of white and added two tablespoons of butter. Thanks for the recipe, I've never made muffins before and they turned out great. I love your blog!

delicious! Love the filling inside instead of adding frosting, YUM!

Your muffin photos are stunning!

I don't use light cream cheese so I'm not sure if that is what caused the problem. Perhaps try to add a bit more carrot batter to the bottom before adding the cream cheese filling. Hope this works out and if anyone knows if this could be related to using light cream cheese please let us know!

hello, i tried these at the weekend and they were delicious but the cream cheese filling ended up on the bottom of the muffin, any idea why this might have happened, i did use light cream cheese

lovely and delicious looking

It’s quite appreciable that such information is being shared through a huge network. Keep it up.

my bad, yeah it's teaspoons. I add the carrots to the wet ingredients.

also- is it better to add the carrots into the wet ingredients or add them with the dry?

1 1/4 CUPS of cinnamon? could this actually be true? I am in the middle of making them and I think I will substitute with teaspoons....if you made it with 1 1/4 cups than you are a stronger woman than I

oh my these look good!!! i'm gonna have to make these!

well, this saves me from the inevitable frosting mess on my face since i tend to shove whole cupcakes into my mouth at once... :)

I love your way of baking the filling right in - simpler yet so delicious! These look irresistible.

These look and sound SO good! Im loving the orange cream cheese filling!

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