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September 01, 2010


There needs a long apprenticeship to understand the mystery of the world’s trade.

These are totally awesome! The packaging you put the tarts into are also a great idea, perfect for gift giving.

It would be so great if you shared this post with our online baking community on the Redpath Sugar Facebook page. I know that everyone would really appreciate it!

All the best :)

What a lovely, creative take on Black Forest Cake. Truly inspiring. And the photos, divine. ...Susan

Wow! Talk about beautiful tarts. This is so much more unique than what I would necessarily expect to see if someone said "Black Forest tarts" to me. And, I am envious of your gorgeous photos. Your blog is a continual feast. I just love it.

Wow, these look so good!!

I love the black forest cupcakes in Joy of Cooking and now, looks like I have more black forest love to delve into! Delish!

I love black forest cake - but this seems like a perfect solution for my issue of portion control. Unless, of course, I make one large tart and consider that one serving...

they look amazing!
me want....

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